Our Mission:

To generate and deliver funds to nonprofits while encouraging healthy living.


We believe that as humans, we are here to help each other. We believe that in order to help each other at our full potential, we must first take care of ourselves. Running to benefit a charity engages these two things in tandem: selfcare and altruism.

Why swiftcause?:

swiftcause exists for one reason: to generate income for nonprofits that are making the world a better place.

swiftcause was founded in 2016, as a way to answer the need for virtual runs that benefit charities. We were seeing for-profit industry capitalizing on nonprofit brand integrity to make money, and we decided to change the perspective.

At swiftcause, our nonprofit partner comes first. When we began, we were not marketing directly to the running community, we were marketing to the constituents of our nonprofit partners.

Every other virtual running platform out there is in the business of selling medals, not the business of nonprofit income development. To each their own, but it’s not what we do at swiftcause.

swiftcause does not manage virtual walk/run campaigns in a vacuum. We do not simply send a check to the nonprofit. Instead, swiftcause has a relationship with our nonprofit partner, we strategize with their income development staff and board members, and we collaborate on a campaign that will best serve their constituents and their mission.

Here at swiftcause, we are proud and excited to appeal to the running community, as well as the constituents of our nonprofit partners. As runners ourselves, we know how generous and selfless the running community can be. We are honored to offer the opportunity for runners from around the globe to register for our virtual run/walk events. What will never change is the demand from our mission statement that we first exist to serve our nonprofit partners, their mission, and their constituents.

We sincerely thank you for being part of the swiftcause movement.