What is a virtual run/walk event?

A virtual run/walk event is an activity you do anywhere, anytime you like within the time window allotted and at the distance designated. For instance, if the virtual run/walk event is a 5k next week, then at any point next week you run 5k.

Virtual runs are online based. Once you register, you choose when and where you want to run/walk. Could be around your neighborhood. Could be an exotic location. Could be a treadmill.

Then you upload your finishing time, and when the campaign closes out we send you your finisher’s bib/certificate, and any other incentives you have earned.

How will swiftcause know if I actually ran?

Ultimately, we won’t. Participants enter their 5k times on the campaign page where they registered. Ultimately, this is all about pairing a healthy commitment to giving. However, if you commit, and your plans for the week go awry, nobody is going to call you out on it (in fact nobody is probably even going to know). We do ask that once you make your commitment to give, you honor that commitment and make your donation when the campaign closes.

What makes swiftcause different from other virtual runs?

Simple: 100% of your entry fee is donated directly to the nonprofit partner. swiftcause exists to raise funds for nonprofits who are making the world a better place, while encouraging healthy living.

How do I know my money is going where you say?

We never handle money. Your donation is made directly to the nonprofit partner via a custom URL link. You are donating to the nonprofit, not to swiftcause.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! All of our nonprofit partners are 501(c)(3). For specific information, contact your tax preparer.

If 100% of the donations go to the nonprofit, where do my incentive items come from?

We generate a report that lists how many items were earned, and the nonprofit partner purchases them. We generally use our vendors, but our nonprofit partners can use their own vendors if they choose. We do not pad these costs, we do not charge for our handling, and there is no administrative cost attached to this. We do it this way for two main reasons: 1) so the nonprofit gets your full donation. 2) so you get the tax benefit for your donation.

How does swiftcause make money?

swiftcause is entirely supported by voluntary individual donations (not tax deductible), sponsor underwriting, and sales from our swiftstore. While we keep our overhead low, we do have expenses that add up. Please donate to swiftcause if you can, and help us continue to grow and drive income to hard working nonprofits.